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Philosophy, opinion, experience and circumstance sit like fields, puzzled into a parameter to wander through/across, it is a place of exploration, an open place without the confines of forced perspective, like in physical landscape there are different ways of passing by, there are rough and smooth areas, spikey bits, quiet bits, highs to climb and lows to enjoy as they meander through ravines to the coast.

3 areas of working entwine without the repetition of a common visual mode. Even with the struggles of the build, the 3 broken forms, the 100 fractured hours, bound together through process, knitted seamfully back into a space, create an inner landscape.

Moving house and being able to build a studio shed. Lino turned into clay, the text begun to wrap around recognisable ceramic forms as first adornment then drawn out to process, a new printmaking, one to bring sand into the gallery.

Singapore, 2 weeks to devise, build and show, amongst creatives from across the globe in the humidity of the tropics. Drawing on Tupac and an almost more traditional form of printmaking, I make a press.


As a teacher of art, a professional within the art field, instigator of the imagination and skills base for a future generation within the arts it is easy to get immersed merely in the pedagogical approach of the role. The personal creativity of teachers often gets neglected. 

It is imperative that there are practitioners of arts education that demonstrate the possibility of being a practitioner of their own artistic practice. This should be considered a key success criteria, not only of educators of the arts, but all teaching professionals. Ones own research adds depth, variety, discipline, and integrity to their work within the education sector.


A fresh perspective; Ingold (Ingold 1993) talks of the misuse of the terminology landscape, how it is often used where landscope is more appropriate.  2021 was about expanding my conceptual understanding of ways to depict and experience landscape, or how landscape is perceived, delving deeper into physical and immaterial elements. Pots were dropped,

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